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For over 16 years I've worked as an Active Transportation Planner for the City of Seattle, consulting firm Toole Design Group, and now as an independent contractor in cities across the country.
I do this work because I believe that: 

Cities, business, and relationships are improved when our interactions happen outside of cars​

No matter who you are or what your ability, age, race, income, you can have a safe choice in how you travel​

Exercise can be an easy and free choice and built into one's daily routine​

RapidRide I Line
King County Metro

Rapid bus service is expanding in King County, WA. The I Line, the newest and longest route at 17 miles, will serve the communities of Renton, Kent, and Auburn. I served as consultant task lead to help King County Metro and communities decide where best to make investments to help people walk, roll, and bicycle to rapid bus service. 

I built upon strategies to invest in historically underserved communities: seniors, mobility impaired residents, people of color, youth, low income households, and people with limited English speaking abilities.

NE 185th St Corridor Strategy, Shoreline, WA

With light rail coming soon to Shoreline, the city developed a new vision for the N/NE 185th street corridor to support multimodal access to the station, create gathering spaces, and encourage neighborhood businesses.


As the consulting active transportation planner on the team, I helped to find ways to improve access the station by foot and bicycle. 

Project Report

Shared Streets Master Plan, Governor's Island NY, NY

Governor's Island off the tip of lower Manhattan is a place where art installations are part of the landscape and bicycles and pedestrians are the only traffic.  In preparation for the island's park space expansion Toole Design Group was hired to conduct a plan for bicycle and pedestrian circulation on the island. As part of the team I conducted stakeholder interviews, developed a circulation strategy for bicycles and pedestrians and coauthored the final report. 

Bellingham Bicycle Master Plan
Bellingham, WA

While at Toole Design Group I was on the project team to develop a master plan for bicycling in my home town of Bellingham WA. A big moment was getting to rethink the design of Lakeway Dr., the busy roadway I could not cross on foot as a kid  to my elementary school.

Bicycle Route Signs Seattle, WA

Have you ever seen a bicycle route sign in the Seattle region? If so, I have something to do with it. As part of my masters thesis and work at the Seattle Department of Transportation I developed the system, designed the signs with a team, and did the planning to install over 100 miles of signed routes. This helps bicyclists find their way on bike routes to important destinations throughout the city and now the region. I've also lectured nationally on the topic. 

Complete Streets Design Manual, Dallas, TX

Dallas is a city where you can't drive cattle down the street or sell fruit on the sidewalk. I know because I've read most of their city code. While working at Toole Design, I authored the Sidewalk Zone chapter of the manual. The chapter is chalk full of best practices to make Dallas more inviting for residents to eat lunch in a comfortable plaza,  enjoy an evening stroll, or set-up a parklet or sidewalk cafe in front of their business. Who knows, maybe soon you'll be able to buy fruit on the street?

Cheshiahud Lake Union Loop Walking Route
Seattle, WA

I developed pedestrian signs to help folks find their way along a six mile loop around Lake Union which is in the heart of Seattle. The signs also point the way to little known street end parks, kayak put-in spots, and other points of interest along the route. I was the primary transportation planner guiding the master plan, walkway improvement projects, and public art. 

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